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Birds Pest Control

Hire Specialist to Removal and Proofing of Pest Birds

The bird species can be really annoying for anyone at home or office, some species can spread diseases like Ornithosis and Salmonella. Moreover, the birds can spoil the entire home and building by blocking gutters, building nests, spoiling roof tiles. The situation gets worst during the breeding season as they can get aggressive in order to protect their babies. Not to mention the dropping on homes, roof, cars, and garden. It is almost impossible to clean them.

If the pest birds control is not done on time, it can lead to secondary insect infestation at home that includes the mites, lice and also flies. If the bird has made a nest on your home roof, get ready to face serious health risks too. Moreover, the bird’s nest can cause a potential fire hazard. It is very crucial to hire PEST-SA  Adelaide to remove the birds.

How to identify bird infestation?

Our home is the perfect place for the birds to stay and breed. Almost all the birds, especially Pigeons can survive in Adelaide environment, they need very minimum shelter to build their nest.

It is practically impossible to get rid of birds nest and roost for a long time duration.  The issue should be fixed at the earlier by reliable pest control film like Pest-SA Adelaide, else they can multiply at a very rapid rate. It can easily grow from 10 to 50- 200 in a very short time period.

Here are the common signs of identifying bird infestation

  1. Birds making the roof or garden as their home.
  2. Noise and humming of birds. It can also be cry from young birds.
  3. The waste material from bird nests can be found everywhere inside your home.
  4. Damaging of the garden, pot, and plants. It can be due to frequent pecking and fouling.
  5. Dropping almost everywhere, be it garden or walk area, the bird dropping is the very common issue.
  6. Remains of the nest, feathers in the gutter, drainage blogging the water line. It can also cause water contamination.

Where commonly birds are found?

The birds are very common in tall buildings and flat roofs. It is the perfect place to build a pigeon nest. In addition to it, birds makes balconies, chimney stacks, gutters and ledges their homes to rest and lay eggs. If there is any gap of more than 25-30mm, birds can get quick access to your home. They can also be found in roof spaces, culverts and cause damage to your home and office.

Method to Remover Pest Birds

The surest way to remove birds is to eliminate the food sources. This will discourage them from settling in and near your home.  Moreover, you can try below-mentioned tactics to remove birds

  1. Seal all the hole in the roof and outside the house. This will prevent nesting of birds.
  2. If the birds have already made their nest, prevent their access. This can be done by adding some barriers.
  3. Avoid leaving leftover food outside the home, these attract the birds and encourage them to nest nearby so that they can have quick access to food always.
  4. Make sure to well cover all outside furniture and discard trash.

Method to Get Rid of Birds

Pest birds can be a serious trouble at your home, among all the bird’s Pigeons and Seagulls are the biggest troublemakers. The pigeons look for food and grain, they can takeaways the food from trash and dirty places. Moreover, they breed the entire year and can quickly multiply.

The Seagulls have a lifespan of 4 years and during this time duration they multiply and create all sorts of trouble at home and office. Moreover, once they find a nesting place they return to the same place every year. It gets extremely difficult to remove and prevent them for future visits.

The best practice is to hire a team of experts and experienced professionals like Pest-SA Adelaide to get rid of pest birds and make your home and office a safe place. They make use of different removal techniques to remove the bird, discard nesting and prevent similar future incidences.

It is mandatory to put a full stop to the growing bird issue. An effective bird control program through a trusted pest control company can solve your issue. These methods won’t harm the birds nor damage your house. Reach out a credible pest control company to solve the problem at the earliest and protect your home.

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