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Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection

Are You Planning For A Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection? Read This to Know Everything About It!!

It is a dream of every individual to buy a property, it is considered as the best investment. But, it involves a lot of money and is not a piece of cake for everyone. Before investing into a property the buyer should carefully inspect the property majorly pre-purchase timber pest inspection. You don’t want to take the risk of investing into a wrong building.

What is  pre-purchase timber pest inspection ?

The main purpose of pre-purchase timber pest inspection is to check the condition of the home before you plan to invest in it. If there are any issues you can also do the needful to fix it or look for another suitable property.

The most common effects in buildings during a regular inspection is checking for  increase in damp ,drain leakage issues, cracked walls, safety problems, leakage in the roof etc. You can get an estimation before making a purchase decision in Adelaide. This will also help you to negotiate the final price of the building.

Need for Pre Purchase Pest Inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection is curial before buying a property. It varies from the regular termite inspection which is carried by the property owner. The Pre Purchase Pest Inspection should include inspection of wood decay fungi, presence of mould, borers etc.  It also includes the overall cost of treating the pest issue, preventing the same condition to happen in future. All this should be considered in order to negotiate the final price of the property and to make the right purchase decision.

How to finalize the right pest inspectors for your building?

Here are some tips which will help you to reach the right person to inspect the building for pests.

  1. Avoid going with the real estate recommendations: Usually, real estate agents have internal dealings and preferences for specific pest control companies. They usually will pass the detail to you and won’t genuinely recommend the right company in Adelaide.This happens as the real estate companies are acting for the sellers and they prefer to avoid too detailed inspection as much as possible. The pest inspection may have a negative effect on the overall sales price which is not great for the sellers. It is always advisable for the buyers to approach a good pest control company like Pest-SA.
  2. Don’t select based on the price: You need to understand the fact “cheap is not always best” especially when you are deciding a pest inspector for your building. Approach the pest control inspectors with experience and which are recommended by your friends, family or colleagues. You can also look for online portals for testimonials and reviews.
    A professional inspector will take the necessary time to carry out the inspection and they usually have a team of skilled professional to ensure total safety of your building. Pest-SA  has the team of right inspectors who can help you to make a right investment decision.
  3. Check Authenticity: Always ensure the inspectors are well qualified to begin the inspection. It is a must for them to carry a valid license to work in Adelaide. It is mandatory for them to have a valid license to initiate timber pest/termite work along with their pest license. Moreover, also check the validity of insurance carried by the inspectors, they should have a professional and public liability insurance to carry with the pest inspection job. A legit company will happily share these necessary documents on request.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection?

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection will not cause any damage to the property or any furniture. The inspectors will note all the area which has been inspected. If they haven’t got access to any particular area, it is also mentioned in the final inspection report.

How Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection is Done?

Usually, the seller does not provide access to a few areas in order to hide the furniture, a good company like Pest-SA Pest Control are usually aware of such tricks and share the final report based on the inspections.  The inspector should not comment on any particular area for which they have not got the access to.

The pre-purchase timber inspections should be carried as per the Australian Standards AS 4349.1.  to inspect the borers, decaying of wood, active pest activities, termites, damage signs, any fault at the building, overall environment condition or any occurrence of pest issues in future.

In order to begin with the inspection, the inspector should deeply go through every room and also inspect the roof void and sub-floor timber. In addition to it, they should inspect the outside building, fencing area, tress area up to 30 meters from the building. The inspectors usually look for leakages, drainage and issue in ventilation, a fault in the construction and all other major issues which damage the house due to termites.

Pest-SA Pest Control is a professional company which makes use of additional equipment to ensure 100 % pest inspections. The equipment includes moisture meters, imaging cameras, motion detectors which ensures to all investigation of each nook and corner of the building. During the visit of inspections, they do not move any belongings or open up the walls to confirm the presence of termites.

Before investing in any property located in Adelaide make sure to hire a qualified pest inspection company to do the job.

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