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Pest-SA Pest Control serves homes and businesses across all of Adelaide and surrounding areas. We provide real solutions for all domestic and Commercial Pest control needs. Specializing In Termites, Cockroaches and Rodents, we also provide reliable pre-purchase inspections and pre-building termite management systems. Our service begins with extensive pest inspections of the entire property and surrounding area. This thoroughness is key to everything we do.

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Kids & Pets Friendly Natural Products.
We use Odourless and Stain Free Natural Products


    PEST-SA Cockroaches

    American Cockroach PEST-SA Pest control Cockroaches. The American...

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    Thermal Imaging & Rader Technology

    Everything you Need to Know About Thermal Imaging...

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    Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection

    Are You Planning For A Pre-Purchase Timber Pest...

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    Termite Treatments and Protection

    Adelaide is a place when you can find...

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    Bees and Wasps Control

    Safeguard your home from Bees and Wasps  Bees...

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    Birds Pest Control

    Hire Specialist to Removal and Proofing of Pest Birds...

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    Pest-SA Spiders Pest Control

    Put a Full Stop to the Spider Issues...

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    Pest-SA Rodents Pest Control

    Safeguard Your Home with Rodents Pest Control. RATS/MICE...

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    Pest-SA Ants Pest Control

    Ants Pest Control at Pest-SA Pest Control Ants...

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    1. Reliable,friendly and punctual service

    2. Highly trained and certified technician

    3. We are Fully License and Insured

    4. An Integrated pest management approach to pest control

    5. Warranties on most of our servises

    6. The Safety of our employees,customers, and the environment is always our first priority. As Certified pest control company, We take the responsibility seriously.

    7. We strive to be on the fore-front of new technologies, techniques and products that will enable us to deliver our services in more efficient manner. The more effective and successful we'll be at managing your pest related problems.

    If you are not satisfied with the results of PEST-SA ADELAIDE service, we will provide corrective service at no additional charge. After 28 days, should you continue to be unsatisfied, we’ll continue to provide service at no charge until you are satisfied, or we will refund your last service payment

    Residential Pest Control

    Pest-SA Pest Control, believe in providing a safe and effective solution to prevent pest from entering you home. As nature lovers we love all insects just as long there not...

    Commercial Pest Control

    How we get the job done is just as important to our team, as the eradication and control of pests in your business. With a dedicated client service manager for...

    Termite Inspection

    Pest-SA Pest Control Adelaide is a South Australia based Business. We are Local and we are Termite Specialist that perform a full termite inspections with most recent available technology. Our inspections...


    Pest-SA Pest Control. Family Owned and Operated Business, most reviewed Pest Control In Adelaide.

    "Mahesh (Mark) was amazing! So friendly and professional and did a thorough job and went above and beyond… I will definitely be using them in the future and have already recommended them to family and friends."

    Anita Prakash

    "Reasonable quote, I could find: Very friendly and could fit the job very quickly. I would definitely recommend Mark and PEST-SA TEAM."

    George Win Lam

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