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Pest-SA Adelaide Reservation Conditions

  • The customer should be at the property at the time of appointment or the appointment will be cancelled and a $50 call out fee will be applied.
  • The customer should answer the phone before the technician drive to the property or job will be cancelled.
  • Once a booking is made you have accepted Pest-SA Pest Control Adelaide Terms&Conditions.

Cancellation Terms

  • A 24 hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment. For any cancellations please call 0420348484 between 8 am and 5 pm Or  send us an e-mail.
  • A $50 Fee Will Apply For any Cancellation on the same day of the appointment.
  • A $120.00 inspection fee will be applied once the technician arrives on site and the customer chooses to cancel the treatment or reschedule.

Payment Terms

  • We Only Accept payment By Cash Or Credit Card ( Visa Card, Master Card, Debit and AMEX ) No Other Payment options.
    – If choosing to pay by AMEX, you will be charged an extra 5% Surcharge Fee
    – If choosing to pay by credit card, Eftpos you will be charged an 2% Surcharge Fee.
  •  All payments received means that you accept Pest-SA Pest Control Terms & Conditions.

Work Conditions

  • Throughout our services, technicians are not obliged to touch or move any furniture.
  • Customer’s responsibility to prepare the property ready for treatment.
  • We do our best to cover all exposed areas, but not hidden areas.

How often should a pest control treatment be done ?

Our technicians will visually inspect the property and determine the condition, infestation and property maintenance. Based on their findings they will recommend tips and solutions to prevent any build up of pests.
Frequency of Pest Control Treatment depends on the location of your house and the pest density. If your home is affected by a common pest such as cockroaches or spiders, a bi- monthly service must be adequate to keep them away. Usually, pesticides are helpful up to three months after distribution. With a bi-monthly service, a technician will be able to re-apply the products so you always have a protection barrier for bugs. After the first few services on the bi- monthly pest control plan, all nuisance pests in your home are eliminated and a more preventive approach is taken. The technician will advise whether a treatment is recommended every 6 or 12 months.

Warranty Conditions

  • Warranty will be provided at the discretion of the technician, no warranties will be provided over the phone.
  • Not all properties can be provided with warranty. Depending on the condition of the property, some properties may need more than one treatment to resolve the problem.
  • No warranty is provided for any bed bugs treatment, German cockroach treatment and/or any infested property.
  • Bed Bugs warranty/Guarantee: We do not provide any warranty on Bed Bugs treatment, customers needs to cover all treatments needed under their own costs.
  • Pest-SA Adelaide warrants only what is outlined in the invoice given, and that the terms are adhered to.

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