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Termite Treatments and Protection

Adelaide is a place when you can find a huge number of destructive termites. They are also popularly known as white-coloured ants. These termites can cause huge damage to the home and also office. The destructive termites do not leave the bricks and steel-framed houses too , sadly the damage remains the same.

The worst part is termites multiple at a very rapid rate and they make their nest underground. These can get into our house easily via small cracks and crevices easily.

Common Signs of Termites at home and office

Termites can be literally found everywhere, the sad part is they cannot be seen in an open environment, they usually stay in the dark and humid environment. This makes the detection very hard but you can find out that your home is attacked and ruined by termite based on the below-mentioned signs.

  1. The hollow sound from the timber: Termites can eat up timber, they eat it from inside and this is the reason you could notice a papery or hollow layer outside. It is usually painting remains. When you know it, you will notice a hollow sound. This confirms the damage done by termites.
  2. The vacuum in the door: When you incline your finger in the doorway you can see that termite has eaten away the timber and a small bump or pressure can easily damage it.
  3. Tight doors or windows: When termites damage the timber indoor and window, the remains trap heat and moisture. The remaining timber swells and this is the reason the doors and window get jammed.
  4. Cracks indoor: When the termite eats up the timber, it can deeply damage the door or window. The structure loses its originality and the crack appears.
  5. Termite mud: Termites create a muddy tunnel to stay inside a safe environment, this tunnel is used to travel and protect their source of food. It is very difficult to locate the mud tunnels, it can be anywhere like underground, inside bricks, furniture.

Methods to Prevent Termites

  1. The primary method is to remove termites, discover the affected timber, debris and cellulose material which are at your home and nearby area. Any stored timber can easily become the best food source and the termites can easily nest in it.
  2. Moreover, make sure the subfloor is not blocked, when the humidity and moisture level is high it can lead to the entry of termites. It is must to have proper ventilation to reduce the overall risk of inviting termites.
  3. Make sure to use only termite treated timber for your home. If you are using untreated timber it can attract termites and can cause potential damage too.
  4. Discard the dead trees or wood. It can become an ideal place for a termite to breed. Removing these in and around your home can protect your property from potential damage.
  5. The best practice is to hire pest control Adelaide to solve the issue of termites from the root. Get in touch with Pest-SA Adelaide to get rid of termites.

Termite Treatments

A trustable company like Pest-SA Adelaide will assure to follow tailored practice as per your home need. You can be ensured to receive high-quality treatment which takes necessary action against the termite attack.

The treatment includes initial termite monitoring

The monitoring is part of the termite prevention and treatment mechanism. It includes many techniques to notice the presence of termites in and around your home.

The poplar termites’ treatment includes:

  1. Chemical Hand Sprayed Perimeter Soil Treatments: In this technique, the pest control Adelaide treats all the soil in and around the house. This will prevent the entry of termites inside the home via wall’s cavity. In addition to it, the treated soil kills the termite so that your home is very protected from the destruction.
  2. Termite Monitoring and Baiting Stations: This is a non-chemical protection technique which doesn’t need any soil treatment. The baiting stations are kept on the ground and across your home to limit all the termite activities. The primary motto is to eliminate their entry inside the premises.
  3. Chemical Reticulation Perimeter Soil Treatments: This is a chemical-free method where a pipe is placed inside the soil surrounding your home. The pipes consist of emitters and the soil is treated. Hence, the termites get killed.
  4. Spot Treatments: If you have high trouble with termite, Pest-SA Adelaide opts for spot treatment.  The liquid termite chemical is directly applied to all the active areas, this treatment kills all the termites immediately.

The moment you notice termite trouble at your home or nearby place, it is highly recommended to reach out pest control Adelaide. All the methods followed by Pest-SA Adelaide is totally safe for kids and pets.  Make a quick decision else the termites can cause huge damage to all your precious belongings.

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