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Timber Pest Inspection

Know Everything about the Timber Pest Inspection

It is the dream of every individual to buy a home, it is the best lifetime investment which you will cherish forever. It is very important to double-check whether the property has some defect or issue, especially any sort of pest activity. Termites can cause the maximum damage to timber and can ruin the entire home. These pests can cause billions of dollars damage in no time.

 Adelaide is a warm place which makes the perfect climate for the nasty pests to ruin your belongings. All the pests, especially the termites are super active and aggressive during the warm climate. They actively are in search of food. These tiny pests can easily get inside your home and can damage your belongings. A timely pest control is curial to get rid of them at the earliest.

Here is the 9 important thing which you must be aware of Timber Pest Inspections.

  1. Know Their Activity: When your home is ruined by the pests you can notice a small brown shaded shelter made by termites to protect themselves. These are the common signs which can be found on the doors, windows woods etc. These termites love the warm place and can also be seen behind the electrical fittings. They can damage the electrical lining and can lead to power failures or short circuits.
  2. Equipment needed for pest inspection: It is best to approach a pest control company like Pest SA Adelaide, they have all the necessary equipment to check for the pest infestation. The primary equipment includes thermal image camera, compass, magnifying classes, moisture meter etc. In addition to it, the skilled team also carries high tech  equipment to detect the presence of pests.
  3. What should be inspected? : It is must to double check all the accessible timber inside and outside the home. It includes roof, garden area, fences, trees, and other properties. Don’t miss the visible and accessible timber around your home.
  4. What does a reliable pest control company look for? : When you approach a professional like Pest SA Adelaide the skilled team takes care of all the initial signs of termite infestation, the infestation in damaged property, nests of termites and the overall infestation in the structural damage. During the pest inspection, the initial level of screening is done without making use of any techniques.
  5. Time is taken for the pest inspection? : It is little time consuming because the professionals need to inspect each and every room and also the high-risk areas to make sure nothing is left or unattended. The entire time depends on the type of property and the overall size of the building. It also includes perimeter is and complexity of the garden too .
  6. What kind of termite damage can be identified?: Since the entire initial level of detection is done via bare eyes, the staff can give you a brief idea about the damage done in the roof, floor, floor joists, doors, frames of walls, window frames etc. The termites not only fully munch down the timbers, but they also eat up the fabrics, furniture and other similar materials. The main source of termites can be the nearby tree which is not treated.
  7. What are the treatment options when the termite’s presence is detected? : The chemical treatment is the first option, Pest Control Adelaide makes use of natural products and sprays which is odorless and nontoxic in natures. These pest control techniques are totally safe for kids and pets.
  8. Timber Pest Inspection Report : As per the Australian Standard for timber pest inspections, it is mandatory to prepare the report. A good company like Pest SA Adelaide follows all the necessary guidance to prepare a detailed report about the timber infestation.
  9. Cost of the inspection? : A professional company usually charges their fee based on the size of the home. It is best to ask for the quotation and then make a decision. Always check details about the monthly or yearly follow-ups. If there is any hidden cost, also discuss the same beforehand.

Pest SA Adelaide team will work closely with you from the beginning of the project to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries, call us at 0420348484 for more information.

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