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Thermal Imaging & Rader Technology

Everything you Need to Know About Thermal Imaging & Radar Technology to Control the Pest

Pests at home or work area are not only annoying but also can lead to several health issues. It can contaminate your food, can cause infection and can also damage your property from inside. Pests can be anything like ants, bed bugs termites or mosquitoes, it is important to hire a reliable pest control professionals at Adelaide to fix the problem permanently.

A pest control professional like Pest-SA Adelaide make use of different equipment and techniques to get your life back to normal. Among all the techniques Thermal Imaging & Rader Technology tops the chart to control the pests.

What is Thermal Imaging?

When it comes to Adelaide, termites cause major trouble and these pests multiple at a very raid speed both indoor as well as outdoor. These termites can cause major damage to all types of furniture and other properties. Once the damage is done, it is practically impossible to fix it or reverse it.

Thermal Imaging is a technique to inspect the termite’s infestations. The thermal imagining cameras are used to adequately detect the presence of termites in all the areas where the presence of moisture and thermal inconsistencies is high. The invasive procedure is curial before you relocate to a new house, it can be done effectively via Thermal Imaging in Adelaide.

Why Thermal Imaging?

Moistures is the biggest enemy of residential as well as commercial structures, it causes the worst damage. Increased dampness near the foundation, roof area, and leakage can lead to termite damage and also mould formation. Majorly, all the problem is due to the accumulation of water which needs an immediate expert invasion.

It is must for the property owners to address the issue of termite as early as possible, it will help the issue to get fixed quickly. This also will help the property buyers to make a prompt decision. A detailed report about the termite issue can help you to make a better purchase choice.

Benefits of selecting Thermal Imagining Services?

  1. Effectiveness: When it comes to fixing the termite issues in Adelaide, Thermal Imaging services tops the chart. It is the most effective non-invasive termite inspection technique. The high efficiency is due to the high-quality cameras used to detect the pest.
  2. Latest Technology: Thermal Imagining Services is the most advanced technology which needs a team of skilled professional to do the job. Pest-Ex Adelaide is one such company with a team of skilled professionals to do the work.
  3. Affordable: The Thermal Imagining services won’t pinch your pocket, you can approach a credible company like Pest-Ex Adelaide to do the inspection and generate the report at a cost-effective price.There is another excellent productive way to fix termites and other pest issues which is as reliable as the Thermal Imaging technique. It is called as Radar Technology.

What is Radar Technology?

Radar Technology is approximately 27 years old technology which is considered as the most effective way to inspect termites and other pest infestation at home and business.

The Radar technology helps to detect the exact location of termites without penetrating into the building inside structures. The detection is highly accurate and can locate the presence of termites through different material types like bricks and concrete walls.

Why Radar Technology?

Radar technology is the most trusted method to inspect pest infestations because the device does not disrupt the termites hence these do not get any option to retreat to another area. It makes the overall functionality of the inspector easy as the overall operation is non-intrusive.

The termites don’t spread to another location of the building. The overall chemical usage is also less during the inspection process. The Radar Technology begins to work by emitting high pulses of electromagnetic waves and it hits the infestation and brings back the detailed information which makes the overall elimination task easy.

Benefits of Using Radar Technology

Here are some top benefits of opting the Radar technology.

  1. Detects Small Infestations: The overall efficiency of the Radar technology is very high, it is capable of detecting even tiny infestations and helps to reduce the spearing by not disturbing termites during the inspection process. The Radar can also locate the present of pest and its nest.
  2. Zero Damage: The biggest benefit of using Rada technology is, it involves zero surface destruction during the inspection process. A special thermal signal is sent to the object in order to get a detailed insight into it.
  3. Perfect for Building: The super-efficient radar signals can easily go through walls, floors, roofs, and other robust material without damaging them. All the information is available on the display regarding the pest infestations.

If you suspect any presence of pests at your home, it is best to act quickly and ensure everything is sorted as earlier as possible. At the end of the day, you don’t want to risk your family’s health and overall property value.


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