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Safeguard Your Home with Rodents Pest Control. RATS/MICE

Rats are not only creepy but can also cause a lot of damage. The teeth of rodents continue to grow, it can damage hard substances like plastic pipes, electrical wiring and can also contaminate food leading to dangerous diseases like Tuberculosis, tapeworms, plagues, Salmonellosis, etc.

Rodents are usually referred to both rats and mice which can give you sleepless nights and can damage the properties and belongings. The rodents love our home because it is the perfect place for them to live, settle and multiply.

They are commonly found under cupboards, near the water heaters, parking area, garden etc. Rodents are very common in Adelaide South Australia and it is must opt for Pest Control. Look out for a reliable company like Pest-SA Pest Control to keep your home Rodent free.

Common Signs of Rodents at Home

Rats are a nuisance and are a big troublemaker. They can make your home the worst place for you to stay. Here are the common signs of rodents at home which you should not ignore.

  1. Frequent scratching of walls, roofs, and other building.
  2. Rodents can spoil items inside the home.
  3. Rats often leave ammonia-like smell which can be too suffocating in an enclosed area.
  4. The bite marks on wood, plastic and other household items can cause damage. The situation is worst if they bite the electrical wires.
  5. Spoiling the food and contaminating water.
  6. Building up of rats excreta, fur on surface and sheds.

Tips to Keep Rats and Mice Away

Rodents can be the hub of the deadly disease, as soon as you find the creepy creatures make sure to reach out Pest Control Adelaide, meanwhile also follow these below mentioned prevention tips

Prevention Tips

  1. Always cover all the food items in airtight containers.
  2. Maintain routine clean-up of home, garage and garden area.
  3. Discard all the rubbish bags outside, else it can become a new home for the rats and mice.

Proofing of Home from Rodent

Here are some additional tips which should be taken into consideration to secure the home from infestations.

  1. The chances of rats entering from the entrance are very high. Make sure to use bristle strips at the bottom of exterior doors. Always keep an eye on the pet doors, it can provide quick access to your home.
  2. Fill all the gaps in exterior walls, even a same opening is enough for the rodents to get in.
  3. If you have a damaged roof, repair as early as possible and seal all the gaps. Rodents can climb up the cables and get into the home through them.
  4. Also, keep a check on the drains and sewer pipes, make sure to close the toilet seat’s lid after use. Also, cross-check the drain pipes, take immediate action if it needs maintenance.

How to Get Rid of Rodents

If you feel rodents are present at home make sure to secure the foodstuffs. Cover the food and water. Ensure dedicated usage of cookware and cutlery after washing it with detergent.  It is highly recommended to get  Rodents Removal treatment.

The Pest-SA Pest Control is a reliable company which makes use of different rodent control methods to get rid of rats and mice. These methods include poisoning, exclusion, trapping and eliminating the rodents nest.  It also includes discarding the dead rats as it can also lead to fatal diseases. The team of skilled and trained experts will take all necessary measures to control the rodents in your home and office.

Pest-SA Pest Control takes care of all the necessary techniques to eliminate the current infestation and also provides follow up service so that the problem does not persist in future. The entire technique involves totally safety of pets and children.

Rats can further damage the home building and commercial building by introducing other pests like mites, ticks. All these can contaminate the food, water and damage the building.

If you have kids at home, it is very important to maintain a high standard of hygiene and sanitation. Opt for a good pest control company to solve the issue of Rodents as easy as possible because rodents breed and mature at a very rapid speed.



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