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Bees and Wasps Control

Safeguard your home from Bees and Wasps

 Bees and wasp can be seen unexpectedly anywhere. Out of nowhere they can arrive at a place with their brigade and make a hive in and around your home or office building. They usually settle around chimney vents, tree, and garden area. It is very difficult to get rid of them, spraying water won’t help. These tiny insects are usually in search of moisture and The city of Adelaide is the perfect home for them. Spraying water can be more inviting as well.

Moreover, these bees and wasps are super active during the summer due to the hot and moist weather condition. when it bites anyone the sting is very painful and annoying. It can lead to allergic reactions and some are life threatening too. In fact, the tiny wasps are more aggressive in nature, once disturbed they can attack in a bunch and cause multiple stings.

Prevention of Bees and Wasps

Getting rid of bees and wasp is very difficult, you can still try your level best to prevent them during summer. You can keep a narrow water tray and add some floating corks nearby bees hub. The cork should be a little about the water bowl, this will make the bees to land safely on the cork and get in contact with water.

The wasps enjoys the liquid sweet treat, you can place a soft drink can and use the same to trap them.  Never even try to approach a bee or wasp nest, they can be very aggressive while protecting their home.  Wasps generally make mud cells near a shaded place as their home during summers.

Let them finish the larval housing, once they have left, discard them. All of these prevention methods are temporary, in order to get rid of this issue, it is always advisable to approach reliable pest control, Adelaide.  They make use of different techniques to solve the bees and wasps problem at home and office.

Tips to prevent bees and wasps

  1. Discard any fallen fruit or food items from the garden area.
  2. Never leave the uneaten pet food outside the home or near the balcony.
  3. Discard the bins and make sure to use a tight-fitting lid so that insects cannot enter inside.
  4. Limit the water sources.
  5. Always cover the food when you are out of the home, especially during picnics and barbeques.
  6. Make sure to use clean containers with straw to drink, discard cans and bottles with lids.
  7. Keep the child and pets away.
  8. Always keep the windows and door shut so that the bees and wasp don’t enter your home.

Signs of Bee and Wasp Infestation at Home

Usually, wasp and bees make nests in wood pulp, the saliva is used to create a wall. These nests are founded in the shaded area. They make corner of walls, roof, tree, unused vehicles are their home.

Once the nest is built, the size can increase at a very rapid speed, the situation gets worst in summers. It is best to hire Pest-Ex Adelaide during the spring season. They will eradicate the problem of bees and wasps completely.

Bees and Wasps are attracted to

  1. Easily accessible raw and cooked sweet foods like fruit, soft drinks, wine, water
  2. Open pet food.
  3.  Recently mown lawn area.

Solve the Problem of Bee and Wasp  Permanently via Pest Control

The warm and moist weather of Adelaide makes it a  perfect place for bees and wasp to grow, survive and multiply.  Home remedies and prevention tips are good and workable for a short time duration. It is best to hire an expert like Pest-Ex Adelaide to undergo permanent Bee and Wasp Control, these treatments are totally safe for pets, family and also for the environment.

The team is extremely skilled and does effective job at very affordable rates. They make sure the issue is dealt completely so that your home remains safe and pest free. Proactive risk management technique is used to ensure each and every place is through inspected, they eliminate nest in the current infestation and make sure that area is totally treated so that no issue of wasps and bees occurs in future.


Always hire a trusted pest control company to do the eratication of  bees and wasps, only a reliable company can solve the issue safely.

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